New Lanes at Kalma Chowk, Lahore Opened to Ease Traffic Congestion

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We at [News at click] are pleased to share with you the latest development in Lahore’s traffic management plan. The Kalma Chowk, a major intersection in Lahore, has opened three new lanes to accommodate the increasing traffic flow.

The opening of the new lanes is a much-needed relief for the commuters who have to go through this intersection daily. Kalma Chowk is one of the busiest intersections in Lahore, connecting several important areas of the city. The increased traffic flow due to the growing population of the city has caused severe congestion and delays at this intersection. The opening of these new lanes is expected to significantly reduce the traffic congestion and improve the overall traffic flow.

The new lanes have been designed and constructed to international standards, ensuring the safety and convenience of the commuters. The lanes are wider and smoother than the existing lanes, making it easier for vehicles to move through the intersection. The design of the lanes has also taken into consideration the safety of pedestrians, with dedicated walkways and crossings.

In addition to the new lanes, the traffic signals at the intersection have also been upgraded. The new signals are equipped with advanced technology that uses real-time data to optimize the traffic flow. The signals are synchronized to ensure the smooth movement of vehicles and reduce the waiting time at the intersection.

The opening of the new lanes is a part of the government’s broader plan to improve the traffic management in Lahore. The plan includes the construction of new roads and flyovers, the improvement of public transport, and the implementation of intelligent traffic management systems.

At [News at click], we applaud the government’s efforts to improve the traffic management in Lahore. We believe that the opening of the new lanes at Kalma Chowk is a step in the right direction and will have a positive impact on the city’s overall traffic situation.

In conclusion, the opening of the new lanes at Kalma Chowk is a positive development for the commuters of Lahore. We hope that the government will continue to implement measures to improve the traffic management in the city, and we look forward to a safer and more efficient traffic system in Lahore.



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